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Supporting Educator Mental Health Literacy Tutorial Series

The series has been developed by consulting a range of education professionals at school boards in an effort to build knowledge and understanding about mental health and wellness at school, in order to complement the Ontario Ministry of Education document Supporting Minds: An Educator’s Guide to Promoting Students’ Mental Health and Well-Being. This complex work continues across Ontario schools, in alignment with each Board’s Mental Health and Addictions Strategy.

There are four tutorials in this series:

Tutorial 1: Creating and Sustaining Mentally Healthy Classrooms

Tutorial 2: Recognizing and Responding to Anxiety Problems in the Classroom

Tutorial 3: Recognizing and Responding to Mood Problems in the Classroom

Tutorial 4: Recognizing and Responding to Attention, Hyperactivity and/or Impulsivity Problems

Please use the Tutorials at your own pace. Think of these as part of the toolkit for supporting schools with mental health and well-being.

Creating and Sustaining Mentally Healthy Classrooms

This tutorial addresses mental health promotion and why this is important. Developing an understanding of the Tiered model of support and why mental health literacy, skills, attitudes and habits are important in promoting mental health in the classroom.

PDF of Tutorial #1
PDF of Tutorial #1 Infosheet of Overview of Mental Health and Well-Being at School

Recognizing and Responding to Anxiety in the Classroom

The tutorial introduces the concept of anxiety, explores signs and symptoms of anxiety, typical responses to stress, when to be concerned, and begins to address a repertoire of strategies to support students with anxiety problems in the classroom.

PDF tutorial of Supporting Minds/Assist Review Tutorial Series Anxiety Info Sheet
PDF of Tutorial #2 Anxiety in School Info Sheet