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We work with Ontario school districts to support student mental health. This support is provided through evidence-based leadership and coordination, resources, and implementation coaching support.

Mental Health Facts

The percentage of students who rated their mental health as fair/poor in 2013 (15%) is significantly higher than in 2007 (11%).

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Posted on Jul 25 2019 @ 2:20 pm

ICYMI: Important Canadian research helps us learn more about online activities and mental health - social media use… https://t.co/aAMb3WvJip

SMHO Action Plan

You’ve known us as School Mental Health-ASSIST, but now we’re School Mental Health Ontario (SMHO). Seems a small change, but it reflects the significant new focus for the next phase of our shared work with school districts to enhance student mental health in Ontario schools.

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Recognizing and Responding to Mood Problems in the Classroom.

Mood Problems at School

The tutorial introduces the concept of what mood problems are, explores signs and symptoms of mood problems, typical responses to sadness, when to be concerned, and begins to address a repertoire of strategies to support students with mood problems in the classroom.  PDF of Tutorial #3 Mood Problems at School  

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