Practices that help students to see alternative explanations, interpretations, and views within situations can be helpful when facing challenging circumstances that are difficult to change. When students make more benign attributions for events or others’ actions, they are likely to respond with more appropriate behaviours themselves.

Testimonials From the Field-Test

Benefits for Educators:

Benefits for Students:

The Power of Yet

Division: All
Purpose: When challenged, rather than giving up or using negative self-talk, students can learn the power of “yet”.

Inspirational Learning

Division: Junior & Intermediate
Purpose: To provide visual reminders of key Growth Mindset concepts to support student learning and motivation in the classroom.


Division: All
Purpose: Looking at things from another’s perspective is an important social skill.

Four Finger Affirmation

Division: All
Purpose: An affirmation is a statement to promote confidence and a growth mindset, self-regulation and resiliency.

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