Gauging the intensity of our emotions and energy levels is an important component in the development of self-regulation. When students’ acquire an ability to recognize when their emotions and energy levels are not conducive to learning, they are in a better position to modulate this towards better focus and availability for learning. Gauging class-level emotions can help an educator to take the emotional temperature in the room and introduce ways to shift the tone to help all students to re-focus.

Testimonials From the Field-Test

Benefits for Educators:

Benefits for Students:

What’s My Temperature?

Division: All
Purpose: To teach students to take their emotional temperature, so they learn to recognize and regulate their emotions.


Division: All
Purpose: Students can benefit from techniques that help them notice energy and emotion levels, as this will allow them to regulate and to re-focus.

Daily Check-In

Division: All
Purpose: Students come to school from diverse circumstances, and enter the classroom in a range of emotional states.

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