Seeking support is an essential skill for learning and achievement. Some would argue that asking for help appropriately is one of the most important skills to cultivate in a classroom environment. Learning to seek support for emotional needs is also a critical skill that can be encouraged at school. Modelling and practising help-seeking can reduce the stigma sometimes associated with asking for help.

Testimonials From the Pilot

Benefits for Educators:

  • “Allows educators to deal with more questions.”

Benefits for Students:

  • “Allows students to take responsibility for their learning.”
  • “Permits students to develop their patience towards seeking answers and independence in finding solutions.”

Ask 3, Then Me

Division: All
Purpose: To help students understand the importance of asking questions and asking for help.

Stress Buster Bulletin Board

Division: Junior & Intermediate
Purpose: To acknowledge that everyone experiences stress, and to share strategies that students find helpful for coping with life events.

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