A calm classroom environment yields good conditions for learning. Creating time to practice calmness as a class can help to reinforce skills related to self-regulation and attentional control, and can assist with classroom management (Child Mind Institute, 2017; Garey, 2016). This is good for all students, but especially important for students who need a predictable and steady environment in order to be successful.

Testimonials From the Field-Test

Benefits for Educators:

Benefits for Students:

End of Day

Division: All
Purpose: To build a regular practice that helps students focus their attention, calm feelings of anxiety, and manage stress.

Inspiration From All

Division: Intermediate
Purpose: To curate a collection of inspirational resources that can help manage stress, and inspire a sense of meaning, hope, purpose and belonging.

Two-Minute Mindfulness

Division: All
Purpose: Paying attention to thoughts and feelings without judgment teaches students that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to think or feel in a given moment.

Snowstorm in a Bag

Division: Primary & Junior
Purpose: To encourage students to engage in deep breathing using a fun technique.

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