Getting Oriented to the Resource

When first becoming acquainted with the resource, consider the following ideas to help you to get started:

Brief Video

Paul Oberoi, highlights how the easily accessible resource helped him to select relevant daily practices.

Incorporating these Practices in Your Daily Routine

The practices provided in this resource are meant to be used flexibly as part of the regular school day. Think about the students in your class, their strengths and areas that might need further growth. With this information in mind, select the skill categories and practices that best support these areas.

Brief Video

A few words from Cathy Leaver, an educator who participated in the co-creation and piloting of the resource, on the benefits of incorporating these practices in the daily routine.

Additional Suggestions

Educators who helped to develop the resource also suggest the following:

Brief Video

Trying a new practice that feels a bit out of your comfort zone? Paul Oberoi has a few tips for you.

Working as a Team

There are many advantages in using these practices with colleagues, such as being supported, sharing ideas and contextualizing the practices to your school setting.  Connect with colleagues to share experiences and ideas to enhance the practices. Reach out to your board’s Mental Health Leader or other school mental health professionals for coaching support if you have a question or need assistance. If you are concerned about an individual student’s mental health, follow your board protocol for accessing support.

Brief Videos

The following video by Paul Oberoi, an educator who participated in the co-creation and the piloting of the resource, explains the importance of working as a team to implement these practices.

A team also is a great way to see if a particular activity might also be useful for students in different grades. Paul Oberoi briefly explains this.

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