Educators sometimes worry that supporting student mental health at school will be overwhelming and difficult. The truth is that much of what educators do naturally to create good conditions for learning is also what is needed to create good conditions for mental health. The Everyday Mental Health Classroom Resource builds on this notion by providing some concrete ways to embed mental health promotion and social emotional skill development into daily classroom life.

What is the Everyday Mental health Classroom Resource?

An on-line site that houses a number of everyday practices that educators can use to help students to practice important social-emotional learning skills. These practices are rooted in research evidence, and have been generated by practicing Ontario educators.

Who is involved?

School Mental Health ASSIST and the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario collaborated to design and develop the Everyday Mental Health Classroom Resource. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Provincial System Support Program, provided support in reviewing available social emotional learning programs and establishing a list of common elements.

Why was the resource developed?

The Everyday Mental Health Classroom Resource is designed to equip educators with practical tools to enhance mental health skills, attitudes, knowledge and habits as part of daily practice.

How is the resource organized?

The practices are organized around the six common elements of effective evidence-based social-emotional learning programs: Stress Management and Coping Skills, Emotion Identification Skills, Positive Motivation Skills, Relationship Skills, Self-Confidence and Identity Skills, Executive Functioning Skills. There are several practices provided for each area. Each practice is described on an activity card that includes a brief overview, links to learning skills, a summary of related evidence, and instructions for implementation. These practices are brief, evidence-informed, easy-to-implement and are designed to enhance classroom climate and complement social-emotional skill development.  On this site, you can view and download the practices within each core skill category.

Brief Video

New to the resource? Paul Oberoi, elementary educator who was part of the co-creation and piloting of the resource, has a helpful tip for you!

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