The Everyday Mental Health Classroom Resource has been two years in development.  It includes both research and practice elements, and is an excellent example of an “evidence-based, implementation-sensitive” approach to mental health programming in schools.

In this section, you can read about:

Background InformationEveryday Mental Health Classroom Resource – Background Slides

Learn more about Everyday Mental Health Classroom Resource.

Field-Test Summary

Everyday Mental Health Classroom Resource – Field-Test Summary

Learn more about the Everyday Mental Health Classroom Resource Field-Test in this one-page overview.

Mental Health and Well-Being In Our ClassroomEveryday Mental Health Classroom Resource – Educator Voice

The following article, published in ETFO’s Voice Magazine, highlights Twyla Jackson’s experience as an educator in the development process of this resource, as well as her reflections related to the suggested practices. Learn more about Mental Health and Well-Being in Our Classroom.

SEL program reviewEveryday Mental Health Classroom Resource – Research Review

The present resource anchors its categories, themes and practices in the SEL program review conducted by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Provincial System Support Program.  A summary of the literature related to social emotional learning, and recent systematic reviews on this topic, also informs this project.

SEL Purpose

CAMH, PSSP, Social Emotional Learning Review

The purpose of this evidence brief is to outline the available evidence on specific mental health promotion interventions for school-aged children and youth.

Knowledge Network for Student Well-Being, Research in Briefs on SELKnowledge Network for Student Well-Being, Research in Briefs on SEL

Do programs led by teachers and offered to all students’ in a classroom, improve the social and emotional learning of students? Learn more about Enhancing students social and emotional learning.

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