Life Promotion and Suicide Prevention Framework

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Suicide is a complex and difficult topic, and the research in this area is limited in terms of providing clear direction.  This Framework is designed to help Ontario school boards to coordinate their work in this area, using a life promotion stance.

Youth suicide is complex, tragic and sadly prevalent. It is the second leading cause of death amongst young people in Canada. Current research holds only partial answers as to best practices in this area, but there are reasonable directions that school boards can pursue to promote life and to reduce the risk for suicidal behavior. This framework document aims to provide helpful guidance in this regard.  Five pillars are used to help organize a comprehensive approach:

  1. Establish Organizational Conditions for Effective Practices
  2. Build Staff Capacity
  3. Select High-Yield Life Promotion Programming
  4. Support Specific Populations
  5. Enhance System Coordination

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